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How to use Yahboom Raspblock AI smart car

Link for study more about raspblock AI smart car:

If you have monitor for connect to the raspberry Pi

This AI smart car is used with Raspberry Pi, so you need to set up Raspberry Pi for this smart car first before you can Remote or play with this smart car. All the steps below will show you how to set up Raspberry Pi and connect to the AI smart car.

Download Image and write Image in the SD card (set up OS to Raspberry Pi):

Burn image into SD card

  • Download Etcher program for burn the Image into SD card. After download already open it and do as below.

After finished the flashing you just take out the SD card from computer and insert it into Raspberry Pi, then connect your Raspberry Pi to the monitor and then turn on Raspberry Pi and connect it with the Wi-Fi.

Check all connection on AI smart car to make sure all the connection is correct.

Wait a moment. You will hear that speaker will voice broadcast “IP address is”

If you heard that speaker will voice broadcast IP address, which means that Raspblock has successfully connected the Wi-Fi network.

Then, you will hear that speaker will voice broadcast “Welcome to the Raspblock AI smart car”. It means that the APP remote control process in the system has started normally.

If you don't have monitor you need to follow all the step below.

Before you connect the smart car with the application that they provide on Mobile Phone the Raspberry Pi of the smart car needs to connect with Wi-Fi first. But Raspberry Pi that uses for a smart car does not have a monitor, so you need to remote Raspberry Pi through computer. All the steps below are how I connect Raspberry Pi to the computer:

What we need:

  • LAN cable

  • Raspberry Pi 3

  • Program:

    • VNC viewer

    • Advanced IP scanner

    • Putty (use for remote into Raspberry Pi to enable SSH)

  • Step 1:

    • Connect Raspberry Pi with a computer through LAN cable

    • Go to Network and Sharing Center and do as the figure below:

  • Step 2

  • After you open it, put User: pi, Password: Yahboom and then do as this flow:

  • Then you just download VNC viewer and install. After installing it already you open it and fill the VNC Server with your Raspberry Pi’s IP and connect it

After that connect your Raspberry Pi with the Wi-Fi Install it into your smart car and open it, then wait a moment your smart car will speak: "The IP address is: 192.168.x.x." note the IP address and connect it to your smartphone through this IP address. Then you can remote your smart car.

After that, you can remote and play with all the functions that provide from the App of AI smart car like:

  • Remote all the servo motor of the 4 wheels and camera.

  • Use the camera to track the color.

  • Autopilot….

Link for Video :

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