Development Environment Preparation

for Infineon PSoC 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit





Infineon PSoC 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062S2-43012) Wireless Development Tool CY8CKIT-062S2-43012

1. ModusToolbox Installation

1.1 ModusToolbox Installation

💻 System Requirement

- Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 10 64-bit
- macOS10.x
- UbuntuLinux18LTS

📀 Download the Software

Go to the Cypress ModusToolbox website ( and download your appropriate software from your platform:

- Windows:ModusToolbox_1.1.0.<build>-windows-install.exe
- Linux:ModusToolbox_1.1.0.<build>-linux-install.tar.gz
- macOS:ModusToolbox_1.1.0.<build>-osx-install.pkg

1.2 Adding the BDH Code Template

  • Open modus-shell

  • Navigate to directory ModusToolbox and Adding the BDH code Template:

$ cd ~/.modustoolbox/
$ echo '' > ~/.modustoolbox/manifest.loc

2. Eclipse IDE Development Tools and Project Creator

2.1. Open ModusToolbox Tool

2.2. Click Eclipse IDE for ModbusToolbox

2.3. Click “New Application ” and it will automatically shell to Project Creator 2.0

2.4. Click “PSoC6 BSP s” and follow the below step

2.5. Go to “Getting Started”

3. “Hello World and LED Blinking” Programming.

3.1. Choose “Hello World” project and you can setting any name you want

3.2. Building and running project by click

Build Application —> [Project_Name] Program (KitProg3_MiniProg4)

🧮 Serial Studio Installation.

💻 For windows

  • 👉 Go to Serial Studio download link: and click on Install.

  • 👉 Choose SerialStudio-1.1.7-Windows.exe

  • 👉 Click on Run anyway

  • 👉 Click Next

  • 👉 Click Install

  • 👉 Click Finish

  • 😲 Now you can open and use Serial Studio Program

💻 For MacOS

  • Open this link and click download

  • 👉 When you’ve been downloaded, “Serial Studio” still cannot be opened in your computer due to the firmware hasn’t verified yet.

  • 👉 Click “Cancel” and go to System Settings -→ Privacy & Security and scroll down until you see “Security” header

  • 👉 Click “Open Anyway” to unlock the verification from firmware

  • 😲 Now you can open your program anytime

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