BMX160 Sensor Communication via Infineon PSoC™6

BMX160 Sensor

The BMX160 sensor is a high-precision, small-sized module that serves as a powerful tool in tracking and assessing spatial movements and orientations. Housing a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis magnetometer, it can comprehensively monitor motion along nine different planes or axes. This integration into a single package makes it a versatile choice for various applications such as wearables, gaming controls, navigation systems, and drone stabilization, where accurate motion tracking is pivotal.

  1. Accelerometer: Measures changes in speed in different directions.

  2. Gyroscope: Detects changes in orientation by measuring the rate of rotation.

  3. Magnetometer: Senses the magnetic fields that surround it, assisting in determining direction.

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Assoc. Prof. Wiroon Sriborrirux, Founder of Advance Innovation Center (AIC) and Bangsaen Design House (BDH), Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Burapha University