Install Telegraf

Install and configure Telegraf

sudo docker pull telegraf

Create a default configuration

sudo docker run --rm telegraf telegraf config > telegraf.conf
  • Do the configuration on telegraf.conf and search for "mqtt_consumer" and add/modify the following lines:

server = ["tcp://raspberry_pi_ip:1883"]
topics = [
data_format = "influx"

Note: "raspberry_pii_ip" is the actual ip address of the raspberry PI. You can check its IP by going to the terminal on raspberry pi command line "ifconfig" and find for "inet addr".

  • Then, look for outputs.influxdb and add/modify the following lines

urls = ["http://raspberry_pi_ip:8086"]
database = "sensors"
skip_database_creation = true
username = "telegraf"
password = "telegraf"

Note: The output file normally is located in "/home". Open that file and do the modification above. Don't forget to un-command the line that is modified. Otherwise, it won't work.

  • Finally, run Telegraf

sudo docker run -v /home/pi/:/etc/telegraf:ro telegraf

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