Infineon PSoC™ Troubleshooting

Update Firmware

🖥️ For Windows

  • Open modus-shell

  • Navigate to directory ModusToolbox/tools_3.0/fw-loader/bin/

$ cd ModusToolbox/tools_3.1/fw-loader/bin/
$ ./fw-loader --update-kp3

🖥️ For Mac

  • Checking fw’s version

$ cd /Applications/ModusToolbox/tools_3.0/fw-loader/bin/
$ ./fw-loader --device-list
  • Update firmware

$ ./fw-loader --update-kp3

Bug issue

Error: It looks like your debug probe is in DAPLink mode. Please switch to KitProg3 mode or use CMSIS-DAP driver instead.

How to Fix

In case pressing the switch button doesn't yield any response, you may need to first update the firmware. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Modus shell.

  2. Navigate to the necessary directory by entering the following command:

$ cd ModusToolbox/tools_3.1/fw-loader/bin/
  1. Update the firmware by executing the command:

$ ./fw-loader --update-kp3
  1. After updating the firmware, verify the available devices with the command:

$ ./fw-loader --device-list

Once the firmware is updated, you should be able to use the switch mode button successfully.

Bug #002 : "Error: IMU init failed (0x0000)!" message

Bug issues

How to Fix

Find mtb_shared folder in your project and change the BMI160_CHIP_IP

Firmware update

  • Update firmware:

$  cd ~/ModusToolbox/tools_3.1/fw-loader/bin
$  ./fw-loader --update-kp3
$  ./fw-loader --device-list

Bug#003 Can't install edge-impulse-cli

How to fix:

1. Install Visual Studio Installer

Important: You need to use python3.11.x

Install edge-impulse-cli again:

npm install -g edge-impulse-cli --force

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