Loop and Flag exercise

  1. Write a program that has a loop that can checks every single component inside the car by allowing the user can input Tire_Pressure and Idle Rpm and check:

  • If Tire_Pressure is smaller than 20 then print " Tire pressure too low!! "

  • If Idle Rpm is smaller than 500 then print " Idle RPM too low!! "

input Idle_Rpm;

maintenance = False
while maintenance != True:
	if Tire_Pressure < 20:
		print "Tire pressure too low!!"
		// using flag to check this condition
	if Idle_Rpm < 500:
		print "Idle RPM too low!!"
		// using flag to check this condition
print "This car needs maintenance!!"

2. Write a program that continuously takes user input until the input either is an "A".

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