Teaching and Playback

Teaching and playback included with Gripper and Air Pump.

  • Step 1 Press and hold the unlock button on the Forearm to move the robotic arm to a position such as a point A, and then release the button.

    In this case, the DobotStudio will save the Cartesian coordinate of point A, as shown in Figure

Apart from hand-guided teaching, you can accomplish a teaching task by jogging the Dobot Magician in the Cartesian or Joint coordinate system, as shown in Figure

  • Step 2 Move the robotic arm to the other two locations such as points B and C by referring to the method of creating point A above, as shown in Figure. The robotic arm will save the Cartesian coordinates corresponding to these two points.

  • Step 3 Enter 3 in the loop text box. The robotic arm will repeat the sequence of movements for three times, as

    shown in Figure

  • Step 4 Click Start to perform the motions taught above, as shown in Figure. The robotic arm will stop after playing back the steps three times.

Credit : https://www.generationrobots.com/media/Dobot-Magician-User-Manual-V1.2.4.pdf

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