LED Brightness using PWM via PDL

Lab 110

Lab Objective:

This Lab demonstrates the process of controlling an LED brightness using PWM via Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) on a PSoC 6 microcontroller.

🔥 Requirements




ModusToolbox™ software v3.0 or later

CY8CKIT-062S2-43012 Infineon Board

Technical Report

🚩 Let start

Create Application

Use Device Configurator and set the button pin to have a falling edge interrupt.


  • Coding: Open the main.c file and add the following code to the main(void) function.

#include "cy_pdl.h"
#include "cybsp.h"

int main(void)
    cy_rslt_t result;

    /* Initialize the device and board peripherals */
    result = cybsp_init() ;
    if (result != CY_RSLT_SUCCESS)

    /* Enable global interrupts */

    // Initialize the TCPWM block
	Cy_TCPWM_PWM_Init(PWM_HW, PWM_NUM, &PWM_config);
	// Enable the TCPWM block
	// Start the PWM
	Cy_TCPWM_TriggerReloadOrIndex(PWM_HW, PWM_MASK);

    for (;;)
    	for(int i = 0; i < 500; i++){
    		Cy_TCPWM_PWM_SetCompare0(PWM_HW, PWM_NUM, i);
    		Cy_SysLib_Delay(10); // Delay 10 ms

Build the Application

Launching the Application

Note: Before launching the program to the board, make sure that you have already connected the board to the computer through a USB cable.


If you chose a period of 100, you can easily set the duty cycle from 0 to 100 by changing the compare value. Just be sure to use a clock that is fast enough so that even when divided by 100 it is faster than a human eye can see so that the LED appears dim instead of blinking

🎉 Congratulations! You can now complete Lab110

Supported toolchains (make variable 'TOOLCHAIN')

  • GNU Arm® embedded compiler v10.3.1 (GCC_ARM) - Default value of TOOLCHAIN

  • Arm® compiler v6.16 (ARM)

  • IAR C/C++ compiler v9.30.1 (IAR)

Supported kits (make variable 'TARGET')


ModusToolbox™ Software Training

Other resources

Infineon provides a wealth of data at www.infineon.com to help you select the right device, and quickly and effectively integrate it into your design.

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Lab 110: Learn basic GPIO of controlling LED brightness using PWM via Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) on a PSoC 6 microcontroller.


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  • Mr. Sriengchhun Chheang

  • Mr. Sabol Socare

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